Lời bài hát You Know It’s True – Jules Larson

You Know It’s True - Jules Larson

Thông tin bài hát

Tên bài hát: You Know It’s True
Ca sĩ: Jules Larson
Sáng tác: unknown
Album: The Lucky One OST
Ngày ra mắt: 24/07/2012
Thể loại: Âu Mỹ, Nhạc Phim


Lời bài hát You Know It’s True – Jules Larson

The more they come, the more they go
it’s not a lie, I know you told me so
but it all works out

Days go by when we’re apart
but everything that always seems so hard
well, it all works out

One day, I’ll see you walking and
One day, we’ll get to talking and
I’ll say, ever since I set eyes on you…
you know it’s true

I put your locket in my heart
keeping you close no matter where you are
cause it all works out

Images in black and white
playing back this moment in my mind
cause you always shine


Is it alright, is it alright…
if I tell you how I feel?
If it’s alright, if it’s alright…
I just wanted you to know
how I do adore you so

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