Lời bài hát Mơ Đi Bay – Huỳnh James, Pjnboys

Mơ Đi Bay - Huỳnh James, Pjnboys

Thông tin bài hát

Tên bài hát: Mơ Đi Bay
Ca sĩ: Huỳnh James, Pjnboys
Sáng tác: Huỳnh James, Pjnboys
Album: unknown
Ngày ra mắt: 20/03/2019
Thể loại: Việt Nam, Nhạc Trẻ, Rap Việt


Lời bài hát Mơ Đi Bay – Huỳnh James, Pjnboys

Huynh James Hook:

Day is often much of his childhood dream of becoming heroes.
Eradicate all evil, go all places help people.
A long road ahead, the passion never faded.
For peace and the men we eliminate the perverse.

James Huynh verse:
Since childhood I’ve liked, as I like kung-fu movies.
Want to become heroes helpful, to help people in the quarterfinals.
I heard it rumored Gypsy, upcoming game Dragon Rider.
Desk galaxy population all goose looks.
And the men of all nations, everyone is anxious.
Charts this time do not know who is going to succeed.
Uphold the cause, smash all hatred.
To me then my Level 21 as Songoku peak.
High-intensity martial arts comedy to add the property.
Hair must be 2 roof, handsome wizard.
People say he is a gamer, how old he was sprung.
People say he is the host state, you must manually extract no.
Not the hero keyboard no roots it also sung.
This is the game, not for fame.
If you prefer that to his game together bem.
If you prefer that to his game together bem.

Verse Pjnboys:
Remember remember the old days, O great childhood.
We do not need worry no thoughts whatever.
Passionate dreams into comics superhero.
I will smash the physical demons.
Did not anyone else, I am a superhero.
Save the world bringing peace to the world.
Despite these hardships are not membrane.
Communal prayer itself save people.
I still walked with heroic mettle.
Against evil, cruel men clears.
Ocean crossing we look to the horizon.
Bring yearning for faith to all species.
But in reality it’s just a dream.
Now elderly get where want to dream big.
Keyboard heroes like flies everywhere elected.
Come up plowing Rider game quickly, and I will be the hero.

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