Lời bài hát Let the Good Times Rock – Europe

Let the Good Times Rock - Europe

Thông tin bài hát

Tên bài hát: Let the Good Times Rock
Ca sĩ: Europe
Sáng tác: Joey Tempest
Album: The Final Countdown The Best Of Europe (CD1)
Ngày ra mắt: 03/08/1988
Thể loại: Âu Mỹ, Pop


Lời bài hát Let the Good Times Rock – Europe

You say that you want me
I hope that you do
Cause tell me just where I would be in this world
Without someone like you

When you say that you need me
Like only you can
Oh baby you don’t really know what you’ve done
To the heart of this man

So baby tonight we will celebrate
And talk of the times til it gets real late
Yes baby tonight we’ll appreciate
Just what we’ve got
So let the good times rock

Oh when you squeeze me
And say that you care
There’s nothin’ I know that could drag me away
When that feelin’ is there

Oh the way that you move me
And makin’ me feel
Well I could have sworn that I lived in a dream
If it wasn’t for real

Oh baby tonight we will celebrate…

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